Helena Conibear, Co-Director

Helena Conibear is Executive Director of AIM Digest online, a monthly publication of key research papers, summaries, opinion pieces and peer reviewed articles on alcohol, health and associated social and policy issues. Helena works with a Council of top Professors and Medics from around the world who are committed to promoting the responsible and moderate use of alcohol.
In addition Helena maintains nine websites in five languages, dedicated to providing information on sensible drinking, the law and government guidelines for consumers and the research community.www.drinkingandyou.com pioneered the provision of consumer information websites built around government guidelines and dedicated sites are available for the US, Canada, The UK, France, Germany, Spain and Sweden. Helena is also editor of The Gateway to sensible drinking and health, with its database of many thousands of papers that can be viewed via www.aim-digest.com

Helena has contributed many papers, reviews and articles to AIM’s publications since she joined in 1998 as well as to other publications and journals . She is author of two booklets, ‘Alcohol and You’ – a short consumer guide and ‘ the Wise Drinkers Guide – Alcohol, Health and Sensible Drinking – Your questions answered.

Helena, as well as organising many forums on alcohol, health and social issues has also presented at many conferences and forums on salient issues.