International Scientific Forum on Alcohol Research

The Forum consists of an international group of invited physicians and scientists who are specialists in their fields and committed to balanced and well researched analysis regarding alcohol and health.  The Forum includes epidemiologists, statisticians, and basic scientists; cardiologists, hepatologists, neurologists, oncologists, and other medical practitioners; psychologists and social scientists; and specialists in social matters, psychology, and public health.  The Forum is co-directed by Creina Stockley PhD MBA and Henk Hendriks PhD who do receive renumeration for their roles and chaired by Professor R Curtis Ellison.

Functions of the Forum

1.    Periodically provide on its open web-site timely critiques and comments by Forum members on emerging scientific publications and policy statements related to alcohol and health (see Recent Reviews).

2.    Periodically provide Summary Statements on selected topics related to alcohol and health.

3.    Provide an Archive of previous reports on scientific research related to alcohol and health.

4.    Provide an opportunity for all to seek expert opinion on topics related to alcohol and health.

Forum members volunteer their services in the preparation of critiques.  For a disclosure statement regarding funding for the review and preparation of critiques and for operation of the Forum web-site, click here.

For further information, contact

Henk Hendriks PhD

or Creina Stockley PhD MBA