Arduino A Mangoni, PhD

Professor Arduino A. Mangoni, PhD, is located at the Department of Clinical Pharmacology, Flinders University and Flinders Medical Centre, Bedford  Park, South Australia.  He trained in Clinical Pharmacology, Cardiology and Internal Medicine in Milan, Boston and London.  In 2003 he was awarded a PhD at King’s College London and was appointed as Senior Lecturer in the Department of Clinical Pharmacology at Flinders University.  He was promoted to Associate Professor in 2007 before taking up the Chair of Medicine of Old Age at the University of Aberdeen in 2010.  In 2013 he returned to Flinders University as Strategic Professor of Clinical Pharmacology and Senior Consultant in Clinical Pharmacology and Internal Medicine.

Among his qualifications are MD(Hons), University of Milan, 1991; PhD, King’s College London, 2003; MRCP(UK), 2003; FRACP, 2005; FRCP (London), 2009; FRCP (Glasgow), 2010; and FRCP (Edinburgh), 2011.

Professor Mangoni’s research interests include vascular physiology and pharmacology; arginine metabolomics in health and disease; and drug safety in older patients.