Fulvio Mattivi

Fulvio Mattivi graduated in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Italy (1984).  After research experiences at the University of Bologna and BASF Italy, he has been working as a researcher at the Agricultural Institute of San Michele all’Adige, now Fondazione Edmund Mach.  At FEM, where he is currently senior researcher, he is the head of the Food Quality and Nutrition Department.

He has been the scientific coordinator of over 30 projects funded by research agencies, as well as of collaborations with industry and consortia.  His research work led to over 150 scientific papers and over 150 communications to national and international conferences.  He co-authored 2 international patents.  He has been external professor at several national universities since 1991 and supervisor or co-supervisor of ca. 45 thesis.

Research interests   The main research activity of Fulvio Mattivi concerns food chemistry, investigating the different classes of polyphenols under the analytical, technological and nutritional point of view.  More recently, he has moved his research interests towards plant biochemistry and human nutrition, and he is now coordinating biochemical studies in the fields of plant, animal and human metabolomics.