Iva Fernandes

Iva Fernandes (IF) is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Faculty of Sciences of the University of Porto (FCUP). IF has a degree in Biochemistry and a PhD in Chemistry (2012) obtained at FCUP. Since 2013, IF has been a member of the Food Quality and Technology Group from REQUIMTE-LAQV. IF heads a research team dedicated to exploring the functions of phytochemicals in nutraceuticals, leveraging crucial advancements in comprehending their effects on human health, including their bioactivities and nutritional outcomes such as interactions within the gastrointestinal tract, bioaccessibility, digestibility, and their potential preventive effects against metabolic diseases. In this topic, she leads the workgroup Wine and Health from the OENOVITI international network. IF has also explored the incorporation of phytochemicals into cosmeceuticals and their ability to attenuate the natural skin ageing process, as well as preventing skin-related disorders, a work included in patent PCT/IB2022/051164. Additionally, her efforts are directed towards devising methodologies and discovering novel approaches to mitigate the undesirable characteristics of plant-based food products, particularly those stemming from nutrient deficiencies and excessive additive usage. IF is a member of Colab4Food, a network with other entities and stakeholders, dedicated to the implementation of innovation and sustainability of the food industry. IF published 78 articles published in international peer-reviewed journals, almost all in Q1 (2611 citations, h-index of 30) and has 5 book chapters. The dissemination of her knowledge has been achieved by her participation in (inter)national conferences and several invited talks. IF work has been recognized by (inter)national research facilities and food companies, with collaborations in several I&DT-funded projects and several supervisions of Master’s and PhD students.