Jean-Marc Orgogozo, MD

Jean-Marc Orgogozo, MD, is a Professor of Neurology (1982) at the University of Bordeaux 2, France, and is also qualified in Nuclear Medicine, Neuophysiology and Psychiatry.  He is noted for his work in ageing and dementia, and was the first to note the lower risk of developing dementia among moderate consumers of wine.

He joined the Inserm unit of Neuro-epidemiology of Brain Aging and Dementia, now CRI 893 (Director: Prof Jean-François Dartigues), in 1993.  He Chaired the Department of Clinical Neurosciences at the University Hospital of Bordeaux from 2006 to 2013.  Since 2011, he is a Consultant Neurologist at the Centre for Memory (dementia) Research and Resource (CMRR) at the University Hospital in Bordeaux.   He is also the Director of the ‘Bordeaux Neurocampus’ Federation of Basic and Clinical Neurosciences since Jan 2011.

Professor Orgogozo was Deputy Minister of the Regional Government of Aquitaine for universities, research and innovation from 2004 to  2010.  He remains in charge of the allocation of research grants, in all domains of science, for the Regional Government.