Erik Skovenborg, MD

Erik Skovenborg is a Danish physician with a special interest in the health benefits of moderate alcohol consumption.  His published work includes In Vino Sanitas, 1990; Lead in Wine throughout the Ages, 1994; Wine and Health – Myths and Facts, 2000.  Member of the Social, Scientific and Medical Council of AIM (Alcohol in Moderation) from 1992 and co-founder of the Scandinavian Medical Alcohol Board (SMAB) in 1994.  Chairman of the 1996 Copenhagen “Health and Alcohol Symposium” and the 1998 Stockholm “Women and Alcohol Symposium”.  For many years Erik Skovenborg has lectured extensively on alcohol and health to medical professionals and the general public and he is currently researching the effects of a moderate consumption of beer, wine and spirits.