Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventos, PhD

Rosa M. Lamuela-Raventos, PhD, is Associate Professor, Department of Nutrition and Food Science, University of Barcelona, Spain.  She served as Secretary of the Board of the Food Science and Nutrition Department of the University of Barcelona, February 2003-June 2012, and is currently Vice-Chair of the Research Institute Nutrition and Food Security INSA.  

Dr. Lamuela-Raventos is the IP of the group “Natural Polyphenols” Quality Certification from Generalitat de Catalunya as Research Group; IP of the CIBEROBN group. (, and IP in a group of PREDIMED study (  Her research interests focus on analyses of polyphenols in foods and biological samples.  She states: “We design studies to assess how technological processing or cooking methods affect bioactive compounds; we design clinical trials to assess the functional effect of these components in the human body; and we study the bioavailability, metabolism and action of the microbiota.”